Public Rights of Way

When: Wed, 01 Jul 15
Where: Assistance Needed by Volunteers in the Area

You are invited to join a countywide Sign Posting Project, which involves surveying all the points where public rights of way meet, or cross a tarmac road and where necessary arranging for repair or replacement of signposts ensuring that public rights of way are easily identifiable.  If you are already a valued partner in the Public Rights of Way – Local Delivery Scheme this project would be separate to any reports we may send you as part of the existing scheme.

To take part in the project we need the following from you:

·       volunteer(s) to visit all the points identified where public paths meet roads – this might be done most conveniently by cycling along the roads to each of the identified points

·       digital photographs of existing signposts or lack of (please remember to look in overgrown hedges, lying in the ditch or on the opposite side of the road)

·       identification of any urban ones that are so obvious they do not need doing

·       a completed copy of the attached schedule identifying the type of work required e.g. erecting, repairing, straightening, renewing faded or broken chevrons/fingers.

In return we will provide:

·       an electronic copy of maps showing the points where public paths meet roads within the parish

·       any necessary guidance

On receipt of the completed schedule/digital photographs the following options are available;-

·       Lancashire County Council can arrange for the work to be carried out

·       Volunteers can undertake the work and payment will be made via the parish council or constituted community group (providing they have the necessary skills to undertake the          work). 

·       Contractors can undertake the work on your behalf (payment arrangements as per volunteers via the parish council).

·       Mixture -  It is recognised that the full schedule may be too much for many volunteer groups to implement so you may prefer to arrange for some to be done by volunteers and the     remainder by a contractor. Same payment arrangements as above.

·       All necessary materials will be provided. 

The difference between the Local Delivery Scheme and this project is that it offers a proactive option to ensure the Public Rights of Way networksignage is in good condition throughout the parish.  It will give you an opportunity to plan a schedule of works instead of reacting to any reports via the scheme.

I have attached the schedule and signpost instructions - I will be happy to address any questions or comments you may have about the project.


Linda Andersen – Parish Delivery Officer,Public Rights of Way, Environment Planning & Countryside, Environment Directorate, Tel:  (01772) 532613 or 07717 815086

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